My Story..

Hi, I’m Orla.

I want to share with you a bit about my background and my personal journey thus far…
I grew up in a rural farming community in Co. Donegal, Ireland. Life was beautifully simple as a child – family, friends, school, lots of football, swimming, music and summer holidaying around Ireland. Food was a huge part of my life growing up; from my mum’s homemade soups and apple tarts to filling our boot with my grannies home-grown vegetables and sneaking lots of her homemade scone bread!
Fast forward to college where I was studying Commerce in National University of Ireland, Galway followed by a Masters in Business (MBS) in Dublin City University. During this time I had a very poor and limited diet. I only really ate very plain foods, very little fruits and vegetables, lots of bread and copious amounts of tea. I quickly noticed that I was becoming a lot more anxious and stressed, which at the time I put down to studying and living a more chaotic life.
Following my studies, I began working in a marketing capacity for various different companies and it was on my last employment contract that stress became overwhelming and problematic for me. My digestive system suffered and I was diagnosed with IBS and also began to get physically sick at random times, also known as cyclic vomiting. Needless to say I quickly began to realise that the foods I ate had a huge effect on how I felt and functioned. Beforehand I just thought of food as simply staving off hunger, not as nutrition or vital for my wellbeing.
So, from here I began studying Nutrition at college and went on to complete my MSc in Personalised Nutrition with Middlesex University from a Functional Medicine perspective. I specialised in digestive health and quickly became fascinated with the effects of a compromised digestive system on your mental health, in relation to anxiety, depression, ADHD, bi-polar disorder and autism spectrum disorders more specifically.

Over the years of studying nutrition I applied a lot of what I was learning on myself. I changed my diet dramatically and the results have been life-changing for me. I no longer live with IBS or anxiety and I’m able to quickly tell when my digestive system is upset or out of balance so that I can address it effectively. As a result, in 2016 I set up Health by Orla – Personalised Nutrition – and it’s my mission to empower people to transform their health by knowing the right nutrients for them.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to your health so get in touch today and start your personalised journey to better health.

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