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Health Packages

health nutrition packagesThere is not just one event that causes ill-health but instead, a series of events that accumulate to create the ‘perfect storm’ for developing a condition or a set of symptoms. In Functional Medicine, these series of events are referred to as triggers and they range from infections, a traumatic/stressful event, food allergies or environmental toxins. Each of these cause a reaction within the body which impacts upon a gland, tissues, an organ (heart, lung, kidney..) or an entire system (gastrointestinal, immune, cardiovascular and so forth.) Quite often it isn’t just one trigger but a series of triggers that impacts upon your health and moves you away from health towards ill-health and dis-ease. 

I work with clients to assess and remove these triggers, identify the best nutrients for them and help them move along the continuum towards health. This level of change takes dedication, time and commitment from both the client and the practitioner and a package structure provides this framework.  

What you get in a nutrition package?

At Health by Orla, we offer personalised nutrition packages for three, six and nine months so that you can achieve your health goals with a structured plan and ongoing support. Packages will vary depending on your presenting symptoms, lifestyle factors and desire for change.

Each package includes;

  • Initial Health Assessment
  • One-to-one consultation – Online / In-person
  • Follow up visits – Online / In-person
  • Ongoing nutrition support (email and call support)
  • Personalised nutrition plans
  • Customised supplement recommendations
  • Functional test analysis

Before you decide to achieve your health goals, why not book a FREE 15 minute information session with our team to see if this is something that will work for you.

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