30 Days 30 Ways

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30 Days 30 Ways

reset to healthEveryone knows why they need to be healthier – living longer, having better energy, preventing lifestyle diseases – but do we know how to get there?

As a society, we are constantly attuned to the newest diet trend or anxiously awaiting the next ‘magic bullet’ to come along in the hope that it will ‘fix’ our health or at the very least make us feel more like ourselves. Friends and relatives, in particular, may be feeding you snippets on the best ‘diet’ that worked for them, in the belief that this is key to fixing your health problems.

If you relate to this, you’re not alone.

The fact of better health, however, is very different. The power to restore balance in your body is a lot closer than you think. Our bodies are designed to keep us healthy, energised and strong if we nourish them with the right nutrition.

My 30 Days 30 Ways programme has been specifically designed for people like you that want to begin to live a healthier lifestyle but don’t know the best place to start.


In the 30 Days 30 Ways programme you’ll receive;

  • A medical symptoms questionnaire (MSQ) to complete at the beginning and end to measure and track your progress
  • Daily tips on the best ways to practice and choose better health for you
    Weekly video check-ins so that you’re held accountable for your progress and can set your health goals for the week
  • Weekly videos from me on how our food choices affect our digestion, energy levels, mental health, lifestyle and sleeping habits
  • Additional resources/downloadables for continued healthier choices

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